And here it is. Our video from the theater game! 

To this day, the owls from the forest are buzzing about what happened on that day of the Lord's year 1456 in this small, joyful village. The attack of the enemy tribe, the change of the village leader and the adoption of an escapee from a neighboring village are just some of the problems that the players had to face.

The game was attended by current and future leaders of international youth exchanges from Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Greece and Slovakia.



We are still working on visibility of our project. For some of us it will be a nice memory. For those who did not participate in our training course it can be energizer to try next time!

Video trailer of Make The Lead


 After the hard work on the logistics of our partners' arrivals, we are starting today our international training course entitled "Make The Lead".

Yesterday, the Polish team worked on preparing the working rooms for the meeting at the educational center in Motycz Leśny. Today we are contacting partners to check how the last stage of their trip to the center is going.

We should all be together by lunchtime. Participants from Poland, Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Slovakia will first go through the registration process (signing participation contracts, certifying a negative COVID-19 test result, reading the center's regulations), and then we will start the group integration process.

Due to the prevailing restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization has made every effort to ensure the safety of group participation. All our actions will take place on the basis of the current regulations related to the conduct of such meetings.

Additionally, in accordance with the provisions of the project partners, all participants were required to perform a COVID-19 test. We will not leave the training center area during the training course. People from the outside will not have access to our living and working space.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!


 At the moment it seems that our meeting in Poland is possible. All groups are preparing for their tasks and planning a trip, and we have renewed our booking in Motycz Leśny near Lublin. 

Our training course will take place on October 12-18, 2020! We can not wait😀💗


     The current situation in Europe related to the coronavirus pandemic forced us to cancel the March meeting in Poland. However, this does not mean the end of the project. 

We are suspending our actions for now. Whenever possible, we will arrange new meeting dates. 

We wish you good health. Be careful!💗

'Make the lead' training course accepted!!!

'Make the lead' training course was accepted by Polish National Agency of the Erasmus+ programme.

We are waiting to sign finantial documents with grantgivers. Right after this we will inform about the dates of the training course ;-)

Breaking news

We are happy to announce that project is already applied. We managed all work with the application in beginning of October. Waiting for the results in December this year.
Stay tuned!
Keep your fingers crossed :)

How it goes so far?

Our goal is to prepare training for people who will participate in projects in future as youth leaders. Purposes of the planned training course is to explain who is a youth leader, how the lead could be made in the way to increase productivity of projects, to train people to be a youth leader. Now we are working on plan of the training course, preparing application, signing mandates with partners. We are happy to announce that in this training course we have partnership with organisations from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Rumania, Slovakia, Poland, Greece, Spain, Turkey.
Stay updated, we will come back with more news soon :)

What is it about?

'Make the lead' is a training course which is an answer for a need of having good quality youth leaders in European organizations working with Erasmus+ Projects. Very often actions in frames of the project can not be implemented on best possible level because of 'to general' preparation of young people or adults working with youth. Lack of knowledge or not proper leadership skills cause problems in a lot of European projects.
With our training course we would like to train people who will be the group leaders during European youth exchanges in the near future. Thanks to this participants of the projects will be guided in effective and proper way, chances of development for young people will increase and projects will have good quality.

Main action in the project is a training course which will take place on March 2020 in Poland. 25 representatives of European non governmental organizations will take part in it.

Number of participants:

3 participants per partner organization

Profile of participant:

One person from partner organization with experience of being group leader during international youth exchanges.

One adult person working with young people but without experience in being a group leader during international youth exchanges.

One young person with fewer opportunities from partner organization who was involved in the project (youth exchange, training course or seminar) at least one time and wants to be a group leader in future.

Working language:

English (participants need to know this language on communicative level).

Reimbursment of the travel costs:

Here are the rules if our project is accepted:

Every organization should prepare comfortable, but also economical transport to Poland. What does it mean? We will not reimburse first class plane tickets or taxi bills as there is no need to use such transport. Suitable means of transport which are usually used by participants: economical flight, second class train, Bus. If there is a need of any other transport, please contact us before buying the tickets.

Reimbursement of the travel costs is possible only if we get original travel documents from the participant.

Plane: Reservation (with visable price, dates of flight, name of the participant, flight number), Boarding pass. If there are some of this things missing, you need to ask airlines for the invoice.

Bus: If you buy ticket on line than electronic ticket with name, route and dates is ok for us. If you buy ticket directly in the bus it needs to have price, date and route. In any other case please ask us before buying.

Train ticket: If you buy ticket on line than electronic ticket with name, route and dates is ok for us. If you buy ticket directly on the train station it needs to have price, date and route. In any other case please ask us before buying.

Please take care of your travel documents as only after we get it, reimbursement of the travel costs will be possible.

The participants are provided with 100% reimbursement of the travel expenses but no more than amount from distance calculator which shows distance between city where is the address of sending organization and place where the seminar takes place.


Motycz Leśny n. Lublin, Poland